October 1st Annual Guild Brew-B-Q and Campout

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When: October 12th @ 9AM – October 13th @ 9AM

Where: Joes Farm (address on calendar entry)

The Brew-in at the Pozak Farm and Activities Center will be held on October 12th.

Feel free to show up to start brewing or hanging early on Saturday and moving in on Friday is acceptable. I will have plenty of water but you will need to bring extension cords and hoses. First boil over has to put on the full face motorcycle helmet and be a human target for the water-balloon event! This will be an all day and night event (for those camping) so stop out at any time.

Non-Brewing activities will be
– Fishing: Bring your own equipment no license is needed. Free worms, shovel rental 5 bucks.
– Bocci ball: we will have the new bocci ball court set up
– Corn hole: bring your A-game and crying towel!
– Water balloon Sling shot- we will have the first annual slingshot challenge. the winning team gets to light the bonfire!
– Beer Pole
– Bonfire: @ Dusk
– Camping, if you want to camp bring your gear and have at it.
– Food: Chili dogs and grilled sausages with the timings for lunch and dinner. The grill will be available if you want to bring something different to grill up. Please bring a side dish/chips/etc to share if you are going to be eating.
– Beer: BYOB – bottles, bombers, kegs – whatever you want. There will likely be a tasting of quality beer later in the day around bon–fire time. If you want to share and taste others brews be sure to bring something to share also. Joe will be providing a keg of PBR for hydration purposes.
– Instruments are encouraged (and people who play them) who doesn’t like a little jam session around a camp fire.

What you need to bring:
– Brew Rig (if brewing)
– Chairs
– Tents and related (if camping)
– Adult beverages of your choice.
– Ice – If you brew and need ice the nearest store is a ways off so I will have a freezer dedicated to ice storage so bring it.
– Warm clothes – it’s that time of year and will likely get pretty chilly in the evening.
– DD – if you are not camping and are planning to drink for the day plan to have a safe trip home. Drinking and driving don’t mix, especially on twisty country roads. We want to see you at the next brewout in one piece.

This is going to be a great fun filled fall blowout and we look forward to seeing everyone there.