Big Brew Day @ Rivertown Brewing

Jon Brew-outs, Events

The NKY Homebrewers Guild has been invited to join friends from the Cincinnati Malt Infusers, Bloatarian Brewing League and other local homebrewers for Big Brew Day 2013 at Rivertown Brewing Company. There will be a designated homebrew and celebration area for those who desire to brew and enjoy their homebrew. Homebrew is not permitted in the brewery. Hot water will be available from Rivertown’s hot liquor tun and there looks to be some free food available as well. There will be a coordinated toast at 1PM as is tradition on Big Brew Day that homebrewers all over the world will simultaneously participate in. Feel free to stop out to visit or brew, support a local brewery and join in celebrating homebrew with other local and regional homebrewers! Make sure to thank the guys at Rivertown for allowing a bunch of homebrewers to invade their space!

Start: 9AM

Rivertown Brewing

607 Shepherd Dr, Unit 6

Lockland, OH 45215