NKY Homebrewers Guild Members Brew at Pat Connelly’s – January 12th, 2013

Dave Dixon - Dave's Dreaded Brew-outs

Pat Connlly hosted a brew-out January 12th, 2013.   A very productive brew day as 3 brewers made 15 gallons of our precious liquid call BEER!!  Sounds like a great time was had by all who brewed and attended.   It was a brew-out like any other Guild brew-out except for Pat’s house almost being set on fire and Evan dislocating his shoulder thing to get he Big Rig back into his truck.  Nothing a few homebrews can’t fix.   As bad as a house fire would have been it is rumored they had plenty of hotdogs available for grilling!!  The beers brewed are  intended to be the base beers for strange brew for these brewers.

Pat Connelly – American Wheat – 5 Gallons
Evan Rouse – Blonde Ale (Charred) – 5 Gallons
Scott Wilkerson – Wheat – 5 Gallons

Also stopping by for the brew-out:
Dave Dixon
Josie Dixon
Jon Covey
Gary Wildt
Spike Johnson

Fellow Guilders keep burners cranked up and your Brew Kettles Full!!