NKY Homebrewers Guild Bring Home the Hardware at CMI All-American Competition 2013

Dave Dixon - Dave's Dreaded Competition

February 16, 2013 – Cincinnati, OH

NKY Homebrewers Guild (Northern Kentucky Homebrewers Guild) bring home the hardware from the 2nd Annual CMI All-American Homebrew competition. The Guilders really pulled together having 83 entries in this year’s competition as the year old club makes an impressive showing at the event held during the Cincy Winter Beerfest at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

The NKY Homebrewers Guild won First Place UK Region (England, Ireland, Scotland), 4 – First Place, 5 – Second Place, 5 – Third Place and 1 – Honorable Mention. This is an excellent showing for the NKY Homebrews Guild in this competition that have over 300 entries.

Cincinnati Malt Infusers (CMI) did an excellent job running this competition. Coordinating the behind the scenes of a completion can be exhausting and CMI club members came through with flying colors.

Detailed Awards Won –

UK Region Winner (England, Ireland, Scotland) –
Dave Dixon – Dreaded ESB – (8C) – 1st Place

First Place –
Mike Roszkowski – Geezer Bunny (19C) – 1st Place
Dave Dixon – Dreaded ESB – (8C) – 1st Place
Joe Pocak – Jackass T-bone Peach Cider (28B) – 1st Place
Tim Harmeling – Streaky Bay (10A) – 1st Place

Second Place –
Dave Dixon – Dreaded Son of Gold Porter (12B) – 2nd Place
Mike Roszkowski – ApriBunny (20) – 2nd Place
Josanna Dixon – Bonehead Brewing Kiss my Bass (8B) – 2nd Place
Dave Dixon – Dreaded Baltic Porter (12C) – 2nd Place
Josanna Dixon – Bonehead Perry (27D) – 2nd Place

Third Place –
Jon Covey – Bastard Baltic (22C) – 3rd Place
Jared Whalen – Whallin’ Cider (28D) – 3rd Place
Mike Roszkowski – Bunny Ace (14A) – 3rd Place
Jared Whalen & Chris McGreevy– One Eyed Green Guy (21A) – 3rd Place
Dave Dixon – Dreaded Southern Brown (11B) – 3rd Place

Honorable Mention –
Dave Dixon – Dreaded Christmas Spirit (21B) – HM

Full results will be posted on the Cincinnati Malt Infusers website at http://www.maltinfusers.org

Brew Hard!
Dave’s Dreaded