Happy Anniversary to the Guild!

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The Guild

It’s hard to believe that just over one year ago the NKY Homebrewers Guild was nothing more than an exciting thought. I want to start by saying that this club would not exist, would not continue to grow and be a great outlet for homebrewers in NKY without the support of our brewers (and those who let them brew!). Thank you for supporting our club and our mission to help teach, learn and steward our hobby to our community – you guys and gals really are the best!

We have come a long way in one year. Our first brew-out was at my house last January 8th. We had 6 brewers in attendance with 2 brews made. We have grown from an original attendance of six to regular gatherings with at least 3 brews being made each time and usually over 20 in attendance. We have brewed in freezing, snowy weather and in over 100 degree heat. We are a club based on brewing, and that’s what we do a little hot or cold can’t keep us down. Our growth has been organic, and not at all painful – i think in part to the similar collective mindset of those we attract. We are still just as laid back and BS free as we were at that first gathering and that is something I am extremely proud of! We have toured and tasted at local breweries, met for social gatherings at local watering holes, helped out at local craft beer festivals and put on multiple public brewing demonstrations at local beer spots. We continue to be a club completely for and about the beer and the love of making it.

We have a lot of exciting things upcoming this year and with any luck we will continue to maintain, grow and advance our club. We will continue to meet monthly to brew together, because by doing so we get the opportunity to do what we do best: teach, learn and steward this great hobby to others. I would love to hear any feedback on the club that you might have on the past year, or on events or anything you would like to see in the coming year. You can leave your feedback in the comments, email to contactus@nkyhomebrewers.org or tell me in person when you see me.

A sincere and heart felt thank you to all who have helped the club reach this point, and to all who will carry us forward.

Brew On!!!