August Guild Brew Out @ Scott’s

Jon Club News

These are exciting times, for the fourth gathering in a row attendance has increased. The gathering at Scott’s brought the highest attendance yet at right around 20 and our highest number of brewers at 4. There were many new faces in attendance as well as some of the regulars. The gathering kicked of with an educational session on the Light Hybrids; BJCP category 6.


This session involved going over the style guidelines for each sub-style paired with a tasting of a classic or good local example of the style. Light hybrids were chosen as this is the next style to submit a beer to the AHA Club Only competition for in October. We are going to try to continue the educational sessions and do one at each brew out during the mash, as doing it before pushed the brew day back a bit.

After the tasting the burners were fired up and four brewers started doing what we do best, brewing! Scott, Pat, Gabe and Evan and Mark all brewed an all grain batch. All brews seemed to go smoothly and there was a lot of teaching an learning of the all grain brewing process. There were many different homebrews available for sampling and there were some evaluations and constructive feedback sessions happening. It’s a good thing Scott brewed because I think that shiny new keezer of his got emptied! I want to thank each and every brewer and prospective brewer who came out to support the club and homebrewing in Northern Kentucky. A huge thanks goes out to Scott and Val for opening their home for the meeting and being such great hosts! It is the brewers who make this club great and will help continue to grow our club and advance our hobby. If you have not made it to a gathering you really should, we don’t bite and can guarantee you will have a great time. Check the calendar for the next brew out at Jared’s on Sept 15th.

Until then … Brew on!