Guild Brew Day @ Mike’s 5/2

Jon Events, Featured

Come out for the June 2nd brew day at Mike Roszkowski’s house.

-Meet other homebrewers (occasionally a pro-brewer may appear)

-Learn some of the different techniques (everybody does something a little differently). If you’re new to brewing or considering the hobby, this will be a great way to see how it’s done.

-Bring your gear if you want to brew…we’ll have plenty of room to set up–or just come to hang out, drink some beer, etc.

The weather looks to be very nice for Brewing on Saturday…Low 70’s. Bring some beer and snacks to share if you want–otherwise I’m sure there will be plenty to drink! Bring a chair or something too…I’ve only got a few. Pool will be open too if anyone’s inclined.

See calendar for details.