The NKY Homebrewers Guild Strangebrew competition was derived out of an idea to have a fun, friendly and challenging club competition for our members to participate in. Participants drew their “strange” ingredient at the holiday party and have to decide what style of beer would best compliment their ingredient and how to best incorpate it. The following is the list of lucky participants.

Ingredient              Name
sake yeast                  Carl Grizovic
Rhubarb                     Darrek Reeder
Ginger                         Dave Dixon
nuts                              Dave Dixon #2
Cocoa Powder           Eddie Unterreiner
Hot Sauce                   Evan Rouse
Fennell                        Gabe Smith
Curry                             Greg Gieser
Cajun Seasoning       Greg Rouse
Anise                            Tim Harmeling
Kiwi                              Jared Whalen
Onion                           Jared Whalen
Spruce                           Jared Whalen #2
Black Peppercorns    Joe T-Bone Pozak
Pomegranate              Joe T-Bone Pozak
Pepperoni                    Jon C
Mushrooms                Jon C. #2
Cincy chili packet     Josie Dixon
Butternut Squash      Josie Dixon
Mango                        Keith Dailey
Heather                      Matt Brenner
Lime                            Michael Schuler
Peanut Butter            Michael Schuler
Elderflowers              Mike R.
Juniper                       Mike R.
kumkquats                 Mike R.
Honeydew                 Pat Connelly
Watermelon              Scott Wilkerso