November Brew Out @ Dave’s / Iron Mash 2015

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Our November brew out will be something new to the club: the inaugural inter-club competition: Iron Mash. Don’t miss out as this will be a great event to both participate in and spectate at.

The competition will be based on the “The Iron Chef” concept. Several clubs across the US have been doing this for a while, this will be our iteration.

Here is how it works:
Brewers/Brew Teams bring a qualifying base malt (pilsner, two-row, maris otter) that they want to use for a 5 gallon batch. In addition each brew team is permitted to bring only 2 strains of yeast.

Day of the Brew-in:
The Master of Ceremonies will unveil the speciality grains/adjuncts, hops and the secret ingredient to be used in the brew. This is Important as the beers will be judged as a specialty beer which will be based upon on how you use the secret ingredient!!
Teams cannot add ANY additional items or ingredients to the beer other than irish moss, whirlfloc, gelatin or rice hulls. Teams can use water treatments such as gypsum, salts, etc on brew day.
– You must declare what style of beer you are brewing prior to starting to brew (prior to dough-in) including the base style of the beer.
– A brew description sheet and labels will be provided to each team
– The brew description sheet must be filled out and be turned in prior to starting brewing (prior to dough-in), the labels must be kept by the team to be placed on the bottles when turning them in for judging

Electricity and water will be provided, however: Please bring water hoses if you need them and splitters if you have them. Please also bring extension cords if you need power and splitters if you have them

How will this happen?

Timeline –
– 8AM arrive and begin setting up.
– 9AM – Brewers meeting – This is where the teams will receive their Brew Boxes.
– Recipe Development: Each team will have 45 minutes to develop their recipe ( you may use all means available to develop your recipe)
– Teams must provide the style they will be brewing and how they plan on using the secret ingredient to the coordinator before they start the brew.
– Brew your recipe
– Clean-up
– Post Brew gathering

Remember the beers have a short turn around time this year as we would like to announce the winners at the Guild Holiday Party! So 4 weeks to get them ready. We will advise the actual date the beers need to be turned in for judging at the day of the event. We would like to have 6 – 12 oz bottles turned in for judging.

We are estimating the entry cost will be $25 a team for a 5 Gallon batch to cover the cost of the ingredients not brought by the brew teams.

To make sure everyone has nourishment during the day we will be having a POT luck. We will ask anyone to comes to the event to bring something to share! We will crank-up the charcoal grill if anyone wants to bring items that need grilling. Remember BEER to share during the Day!!

Due to size of location we are looking to keep this years event to 10 to 12 brew teams. We need to have a firm commitment by November 1st for those looking to participate.

If you are not on Facebook please use the form below to sign up and email and with any questions.

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